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Classification of self-tapping screws
Jun 16, 2016

A: press head can be divided into: round head, flat head (the head), stigma, broad wall of a dome head, big round head (the big flat head), hex xuetou, hexagonal hole washer head, Hexagon head

Head: the head is most commonly used in the past.

Grub: alternative and mushroom head new design with round head, head diameter, high perimeter along the circumference of the head characteristic edge, make it for high torque driving role to play, and xuetou in the head has small differences.

Top column head: standard of Oblate top column head of diameter more round head small, but due to slot deep of relationship thus compared high, smaller of diameter makes for for small area of pressure increases, can close combination Yu convex margin and the increased of surface. due to in for guarantee concentrated sex and set of drilling mold in the heading, they can was success of application Yu within drilling of points in the.

Domed band head: head inside bound and weakened under the wire and component wear, thus most commonly used in the electrical and radio cassette recorders, to bow to its better bearing surface with a more attractive design.

Truss head: also known as elliptical broad-brimmed head, is a type of low, clever design of large diameter head. when attaching the tolerances permitted in combination, can be used to cover metal plate with larger diameter holes. may also recommend using a flat replacement.

Hex xuetou: a wrench head and hex size of the fastener. Hexagonal-shaped entirely by anti-hole die of cold forming, top of the head there is a significant depression.

Hexagonal hole washer head: Hexagon-xuetou such as standard, but at the same time in the basement have a washer to protect the head Assembly complete, so as to avoid wrench damage. Sometimes things far more important than appearance.

Hexagonal head: this is a torque acting on the hexagonal head of the standard type, the sharp corner trim to close tolerance characteristics. may be recommended in general business, also can be applied to a variety of standard models and a variety of thread diameter. because it required a second procedure making it more expensive than General hexagonal hole.

Two: Groove: slotted-type (also called a slot), Phillips, 11, slotted type, m-slotted the four

Three: classified according to the standard: GB, DIN, ANSI, BS

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