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Self tapping screws
Jun 16, 2016

Self tapping lock screw used for connections between the thin metal plates. The thread for general purpose screw threads with a curved triangular section, thread surface with high hardness, so when you connect, screw in the threaded connector in the hole at the end of the attack thread, thus forming a connection. This screw is screwed into the lower torque and high locking properties, has better performance than ordinary self-tapping screws and replace machine screws used.

Wall plate self-tapping screw for gypsum wall Board and the connection between the metal keel. The thread for the double thread, thread surface with high hardness (above HRC53), without making the prefabricated hole conditions, quickly screwed into the joists to form connections.

Self drilling tapping screw with ordinary self-tapping screws differ is ordinary self-tapping screws at connection time, subject to drilling (drill thread bottom hole) and tapping (includes fastening) of two processes; and self drilling tapping screw connections, will be drilled and tapped two operation completion of the merger. Drill bits for drilling in front of it by using screws, tapping screws for then (includes fastening), save time and improve efficiency.

Pan head and hex head self tapping screws applied nail head allows revealing occasion, Hexagon head self tapping screw Pan head tapping screws to torque under comparable. Countersunk head self-tapping screws and Hexagon flower applied to nails does not allow revealing occasion, Hexagon lobular socket countersunk head tapping screws comparability tapping screws to torque under; countersunk head tapping screws applied nail head to allow a slight reveal. Tapping screw when assembling and dismantling, slotted self tapping screws requires a shape screwdrivers, cross recessed Pan head tapping screws with a cruciform screwdriver, self-tapping screws Hexagon flower needs Hexagon lobular socket wrenches, Hexagon head self tapping screw need wrenches, box wrenches, socket wrench, or adjustable wrench.

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