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China's Domestic Fastener Industry Should Pay Attention To Several Issues
Oct 24, 2017

First, the raw materials and related technology behind the problem. One of the important reasons for the poor quality of fastener products is the poor quality of raw materials and the associated technology. Such as: cold heading steel wire rod cold heading steel is mainly used for the manufacture of bolts, nuts, rivets, latches and other fasteners, its chemical composition, metallographic requirements are higher, the current annual demand for cold heading steel is about 1 million tons , Of which the automotive industry needs 100,000 tons, but due to technical reasons, and now domestic cold heading wire only 300,000 tons, an annual import of nearly 700,000 tons. According to the relevant departments of statistics, φ6.5mm below the need for 150,000 tons, φ8mm to be 160,000 tons, φ9mm, φ14mm each need 80,000 tons, the current domestic market in short supply.

Second, the process and technology and equipment level is low, can not guarantee the consistency of product quality issues. Mechanical basic pieces are generally in batches, mass production of products, there are many varieties, processing precision requirements of the product, so the production process and its equipment requirements, investment. Foreign use of high efficiency and high precision plane, production line or flexible line, to achieve efficient and automated production.

Third, is the key manufacturing and test equipment problems, mechanical parts for each part of the dimensional accuracy of consistency, performance reliability and interchangeability requirements are very high, only allow very few products over tolerance, fastener and in the factory After testing the unqualified products removed, if there is no high precision and high efficiency of equipment, in the fierce competition in the enterprise is difficult to survive and develop. At present, China's key parts of the production enterprises are mainly dependent on imports, due to the equipment wear and consumption of large, equipment needs to constantly update and transformation. While foreign imports of equipment and spare parts expensive, fastener if you want to speed up the development of the industry, must be resolved as soon as possible key equipment problems.

Fourth, is the issue of new product development speed. China's mechanical parts and components industry in technology innovation and new product development than abroad, many, especially small and medium enterprises lack of technical strength and talent, fastener lack of funds and the necessary equipment, but also the lack of scientific and technological information and technical exchanges, resulting in long-term tracking and Imitation stage, rarely have their own intellectual property rights, the current product development research is not much, enterprises have independent research and development forces are few, this is the industry continue to develop the key issues.

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