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Development Of Fasteners
Jul 11, 2017

  Development of fasteners

  In 2012, China's fasteners into the "micro-growth" era. Despite the slowdown in industry growth throughout the year, but in the medium and long term, China's fastener demand is still in rapid growth stage, is expected by 2013 fastener sales will reach 720-750 million tons. In this "micro-growth" era, China's fastener industry will continue to face ongoing pressure and challenges, but also accelerated the industry reshuffle, fastener survival of the fittest, is conducive to improving industrial concentration, promote technology promotion, is conducive to optimizing the development model , So that enterprises pay more attention to enhance the ability of independent innovation and core competitiveness.

  At present, China's national economic construction is entering a new stage of development, with large aircraft, large-scale power generation equipment, fastener cars, high-speed trains, large ships, large complete sets of equipment, represented by advanced manufacturing will also enter an important development direction. As a result, the use of high-strength fasteners will grow rapidly. The fastener enterprises to improve product technology level, fastener must be improved from the equipment, technology to improve the "micro-transformation", whether in the variety, or type, or consumer object, should be toward a more diversified direction.

  At the same time, due to rising raw material prices, manpower and material costs continue to increase, the appreciation of the renminbi, financing channels and other unfavorable factors, coupled with weak domestic export market, fasteners oversupply, fastener leading to fastener prices do not rise or fall, with The profits have shrunk, companies have had to "micro profit" of the day.

  At present, China's fastener industry is facing a reshuffle transition, sustained overcapacity and sales of fasteners decline, some enterprises to increase the pressure of survival.

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