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Fastener Four Kinds Of Surface Treatment Methods For Anticorrosion
Sep 13, 2017

Fasteners are the most common parts of mechanical equipment, the role is also very important, such as air compressor to run a particularly large mechanical and dynamic, fasteners can be imagined. However, in the use of fasteners corrosion is the most common problem, in order to prevent the use of fasteners in the process of corrosion, manufacturers in the production of fasteners after the surface treatment. So, which surface treatment methods can improve the corrosion resistance of fasteners?

In the industrial manufacturing, there are four kinds of surface treatment methods can prevent the corrosion of fasteners, we choose the air compressor, you can combine the actual operating conditions, the attention of the selection of fasteners to prevent corrosion treatment methods.

1. electroplating

The standard parts for electroplating, this method is to put the standard parts into the metal solution, and then through the current to let the standard parts surface covered with a layer of metal, for this layer of metal role there are many, such as we can choose from a number of different effects of different coating metal, if we want to prevent the standard Then we can electroplated zinc on the surface of standard parts.

2. Mechanical Plating

Mechanical plating on standard parts is to allow metal particles for the cold welding of standard parts, to ensure that the standard part of the surface of some of the role. Mechanical plating and electroplating are basically similar, but we use different methods, the results can be said to be the same.

3. Heat Treatment

For the surface of standard parts heat treatment. Some standard parts, such as drilling tail screws need to be more rigid surface, so can be used for drilling tail screws heat treatment to ensure that the drill tail screws have enough hardness. This is the reason for heat treatment.

4. Surface passivation

For standard parts surface passivation, passivation mainly has two functions, one role is to strengthen the hardness of standard parts, there is a role is to enable the oxidation of standard parts greatly reduced. In the process of surface treatment of fasteners, we can choose the most suitable method to probes the specific situation. Such fasteners can play a better role in the use process.

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