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Installation Of Anchor Bolts
Oct 12, 2017

Installation of anchor bolts:

1, a buried method: watering concrete, the anchor bolts buried. When the tower and other tipping control, the anchor bolts should adopt a buried method.

2, reserved hole method: the device in place, the hole clean, the anchor bolts into the hole, the device positioning and then use the original base of the higher level of non-shrinkage of fine concrete concrete watering, tamping dense The The distance between the anchor bolts center and the base edge shall not be less than 2 d (d is the diameter of the anchor bolts) and shall not be less than 15 mm (d ≤ 20 should not be less than 10 mm), not less than half of the width of the anchor plate Plus 50mm, when can not meet the above requirements, should take appropriate measures to be strengthened. The diameter of the anchor bolts used in the structure should not be less than 20mm. When subjected to seismic action, double nuts should be used or other effective measures to prevent loosening. However, the anchor length of the anchor bolts should be increased by 5 d than the anchorage length of non-seismic action.

Installation of the anchor bolts Installation of the anchor bolts Loose in the foundation When the bolts are tightened, the bolts may be pulled up, and the bolts should be adjusted to the original position and the foundation around the bolts will be shoveled enough , And then welded in the bolt on the vertical and horizontal two U-shaped steel, and finally the water will be clean and grouting in the pit, until the concrete solidified to the design strength and then tighten the live foot bolt deviation treatment of live foot bolt deviation treatment methods, Feet bolts the same way, but can pull out the anchor bolts to deal with. If the bolt is too long, you can cut a thread on the machine tool; if the bolt is too short, can be hot forging method elongation; if the location does not match, with bending method correction.

Application industry for a variety of equipment fixed, steel structure embedded parts, street lamps, traffic signs, pumps, boiler installation, heavy equipment, such as embedded fixed.

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