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Introduce Self Tapping Screws
Jun 16, 2016

Self tapping screw is a screw with a drill bit, through the electric tool construction, drilling, tapping, fixed, locked self tapping screws

Self tapping screws

Tight once completed. Self tapping screw connection mainly used in some sheet metal and fixed, such as color steel plate connections with color steel plate, color steel plate connected to the Purlin, the wall beams, its penetration is generally not more than 6mm, maximum of 12mm. Self-tapping screws are often exposed to the outdoors, its strong corrosion resistance capability; its rubber sealing ring ensure the screws are not porous and has good corrosion resistance.

Self tapping screws with screw diameters usually series, the number of threads per inch length and screw length three parameters to describe. Screw diameter series with 10-and 12-level two, their corresponding screw diameters are 4.87mm and 5.43mm; length number of threads per inch, 14, 16, 243 species level, length number of threads per inch, the more its ability to drill more.

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