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Non-standard Fasteners Need To Be Aware Of What To Do Without Standards
Oct 30, 2017

Non-standard fasteners refer to fasteners that do not need to correspond to the standard, that is, fasteners that do not have strict standard specifications, and the manufacturing cost of non-standard fasteners is higher than the standard fasteners.

Non-standard fasteners are not the same as each mold, the mold and the product of the plastic contact parts are generally non-standard parts, the main has a front die, after the mold, insert. It can also be said that in addition to screws, water nozzle, thimble, aprons, springs, mold embryo the rest of the almost all non-standard fasteners. If you want to purchase non-standard fasteners, generally should be provided by the need to provide technical specifications, drawings, such as grass-like design input, from the supplier to evaluate the implementation of non-standard fasteners, and preliminary estimates of non-standard fasteners production costs, batch, production cycle and so on.

The biggest difference between a standard fastener and a non-standard fastener is that there is no standardization, standard fasteners of the structure, size, painting, marking and other aspects of the strict norms of the country, by the professional factory production of commonly used 0 (part) pieces, common standard fasteners have threaded parts, keys, pins, rolling bearings and so on.

Non-standard fastener surface treatment scheme; metal surface treatment including paint, electroplating, electroless galvanized chromium coating (dacromet, duck rust), vacuum plating, hot dip plating, anodizing, electrochemical treatment, chemical grinding, electrolytic grinding, hanging lining, sandblasting, shot peening, coating, gas infiltration, carburizing, nitriding, surface quenching and many other treatment methods.

From processing to divide, there are physical, chemical, electrical, mechanical, metallurgical processing methods and so on.

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