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Screw Design Principle
Nov 02, 2017

A cylinder with a helical groove on its outer surface or a cone with a conical helical groove. Screws for plastic molding equipment, such as plastic profiles extruder, injection molding machines. Screws and barrels are the core of plastic molding equipment. Is the hot extrusion plasticized part, is the core of plastic machinery. Screw with different head, can be divided into hexagonal screw, large flat screw, hexagon screws and so on.

The usefulness of the screw

Used for plastic molding equipment, such as plastic profiles extruder, injection molding machines. Screws and barrels are the core of plastic molding equipment. Is heated out of the plasticized part. Is the core of plastic machinery.

Screws are widely used in machining centers, CNC machines, CNC lathes, injection molding machines, wire cutting, grinding machines, milling machines, walking wire, wire walking, PCB drilling machines, carving machines, engraving and milling machines, spark discharge machines, , Planer, large vertical gantry milling, and so on.

Design principle

The main part of the pin screw is a common screw, the pin can be set in the melting section of the screw or measuring section of the groove or the measurement section at the end of the spiral without a cylindrical surface. Pins set by a certain way, can be different degrees of density, ranging from the number. The cylindrical pin is formed by fitting the pin into the hole of the screw; the square or diamond pin is formed directly on the screw.

If these pins are arranged in the melting zone, the pin can break the solid bed, destroy the two-phase flow, the solid and liquid phase together, so that the end of the solid phase and the bulk of the material contact area increased, Melted. If the pin is set in the melt transport area, its main role is to split the flow, increase the interface, change the direction of the stream, so that the beam rearrangement. Multiple shunt, confluence, change the direction of flow, so that the melt components and temperature homogenization.

The mixing section is an inward grooved structure provided at the end of the ordinary screw homogenization section with an outer diameter equal to the outer diameter of the screw. The trenches are divided into groups, each of which is a confluence area of the material. Material is divided by trenches, to the convergence area exchange, and then split, convergence, the principle is similar to the pin-type.

Separate screw is characterized by the melting section in addition to the original one screw (called the main screw), but also attached a thread (called additional thread), the outer diameter of the main thread is slightly smaller than the main thread In the case of the lead, the secondary thread starts from the end of the feed section (and is associated with the feed section). After several threads, it gradually intersects the main thread of the homogenization section.

The screw groove depth and thread lead from the feeding section to the homogenization of the end are gradually changing, both the thread lead from the width gradually narrowed, the depth of the groove from the depth gradually shallow, the material can be the largest compression.

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