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Self Tapping Screw Common Hardware Accessories
Sep 13, 2017

Do furniture installation personnel know, tapping screws in the furniture installation process is commonly used hardware accessories, many beginners do not know how to use it in the end, sometimes do not know the principle of wood grain, can be used because of the use of tapping screws and make furniture damaged, for this, Describe the use of the tapping screws and the areas to be noticed in the use process.

1. Type of self tapping screws

Self-tapping screws have many kinds, generally are the head of the sharp teeth, the material is also different types, for example: aluminum alloy, plastic made from tapping screws, but also has a hard wood screws; the difference between tapping screws and common screws is that the tapping screws are used for non-metallic or softer metals, without hitting the bottom hole and tapping; the tapping screws are pointed, so that they can " Self-attack "; common screws are flat-nosed, with a uniform thickness.

2. Use of tapping Screws

1, the tapping screws can be used for the wall plate fixed, tapping can be itself screwed into the wall plate and drilling.

2. Self-tapping screws are to be constructed by special electric tools, drilling, tapping, fixing, locking and tapping screws are completed once. Self-tapping screws are mainly used for connecting and fixing some thin plate parts, such as the connection between color plate and color plate, the connection between color steel plate and purlin and wall beam.

3. Most of the tapping screws are used for the installation of doors and windows.

4. The wall board tapping screws are used for the connection between the gypsum wallboard and the metal keel. Its thread is double head thread, the thread appearance also has the very high hardness, can in the condition which does not produce the prefabricated hole, swiftly twists into the keel, then forms the connection.

3. Precautions for use of self tapping screws

The key to the quality of tapping is to select the appropriate taps and reasonable cutting dosage. Self tapping in the use of the process, in case the tap is broken, the workpiece can be placed in nitric acid solution for corrosion, the high-speed steel wire cone can be quickly corroded, but not scrap workpiece; the correct choice of taps will result in different effects of the wire effect, tapping a lot of holes , tapping a hole or completely attacking.

The plate is comparatively thin, and there is no provision for installation of furniture installation can consider the use of tapping screws to connect, but professional furniture installers are almost proficient, so do not worry about, more screw products Please consult Hao Furniture material procurement platform, Hauden and you join hands on the road to success.

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