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Self Tapping Screws
Jun 16, 2016

Generally refers to cusps, coarse, hard texture of the wood screws, aluminum alloy or plastics. For a special self tapping screws threaded metal hole is called tapping.

Self tapping screws for non-metallic or soft metal, without bottom hole and tapping; self tapping screw is pointed, so as to "tapping"; ordinary screw flat thickness consistent.

Self tapping screw is to say: drill holes is no tapping holes with screws and the different, head to sharp, pitch larger, and chip-free taps, a bit like, can spin directly without tapping into metal and plastic usually use this method.

It can be on the consolidation of the material, relying on its own thread, to be solid "attack-drill, squeeze," the corresponding thread to make it work closely with each other.

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