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The Reason Why The Basement Uses The Water Stop Screw
Jul 11, 2017

  The reason why the basement uses the water stop screw

  The use of water-stop screw in the construction of the steel industry more and more widely used, it's more and more widely used, mainly for the basement, underground garage, pool, tunnel, etc., the practical use of these places more and more prominent Features, but the screw how to apply in the basement it, Xiaobian you with your analysis.

  In the home decoration, there will often be a basement leaking water seepage, the main reason is still difficult to deal with the ground wet and dry, this time the need for all-round action of the water screw. Construction workers, technician analysis: mainly because the basement is located under the ground, the basement around the wall and the surrounding soil in close contact with the wall in the cast water screw is played a complementary role, to avoid the wall leakage, water screw Played a role in the water, to achieve a comprehensive set of universal complementary effect.

  In the superb technical equipment, perfect service background support, water screw manufacturers to achieve a combination of the level and quality of the test, in the future of the construction market, the water screw will be more and more play its universal role.

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